Here is the video for "All The Royal Years Are Gone" from Brooklyn-based five-piece Clouder's sophomore album, Sister Raygun, released earlier this year via Fleeting Youth Records.

The live footage was filmed at Pianos in Brooklyn, New York by director Bryan Bruchman. If you’ve never seen Clouder live, the video does well in capturing what you can expect: Steve Spinella (guitar), Matt Revie (guitar), Jim Woods (drums), and Max Goransson (bass) charging full-force as charismatic lead singer Eric Gilstrap plays the role of pied piper, enticing fans to interact, get close, and come face-to-face as he wails an anthem about playing shows and conquering lame bands around the world.

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5. Vallee- Radio

Vallee are an indie rock three piece hailing from Melbourne. Forming in early 2013 the band took the good part of a year to define their sound. Tight, frenzied drums meet synth-driven bass and summery guitars. Add melody driven vocals to the mix and Vallee’s high energy tunes are sure to have your hips shaking, whether you like it or not. Produced and recorded by Beau McKee (Closure in Moscow) at Oaklands Studio and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright (Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Oasis), make sure you check out their debut EP ‘Radio’.

4. Balue- Charming Flow

Balue is the bedroom project of Eli Thomas who began tinkering with instruments and computer sounds while bored in his dorm room. Inspired by the Denver music scene he became familiar with in college, Eli began recording and exploring different styles on a nightly basis before finding his voice as Balue. When the moon goes up, Eli can be found in his room with his head in the clouds trying to find the perfect song. These midnight meditations often result in dreamy, sun-drenched pop songs splashed with glistening guitars and spry electronic grooves.

3. Intuition-Dear John

Throughout “Imagining”, Los Angeles rapper Intuition shines light on a topic very close to life: Early-onset Alzheimer’s. His father was diagnosed with the disease at the way-too-young age of 55 and with this song, Intuition shows the pain and emotions family members experience.


2. The Vanns- Blender

The Vanns are an indie rock foursome from Australia that mix modern indie rock influences with vintage blues. Blender shows their modern pop-laced indie rock side with upbeat guitars, bouncy drums, and infectious chant along vocals.

1. Noctura- Fade

Noctura is an up and coming female-fronted rock band making waves across the Midwest. The band has utilized social networking sites and word of mouth to assemble a strong following that rivals touring bands, and even crowdfunded their debut album via fan donations.

Working with esteemed producer Dan Certa (Seether, Kelly Clarkson, The Fray), Noctura released their full-length debut, Surrender the Sun, on June 21, 2011. The tracks “Don’t Save Me” and “Fade” gained airplay in various radio markets, including heavy rotation on Indianapolis Clear Channel station WRZX-X103.

Airborne - The Van Doos


by The Van Doos

The Van Doos are UK guitarist Louis Bamber and singer Simon Hutchinson from Helmsley, with their drummer friend Dominic Antony.

‘Airborne’ is the taster track for their debut album ‘Fingertips’. Produced by Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner, The Heartbreaks), The Van Doos are an unmistakably British guitar band who take their cues from the landscape on their doorstep: wide, wild and life-affirming. They shot the video in Rosedale, performing under the arches of 19th century calcining kilns once used in roasting iron ore. But don’t think that is some bizarre clue to a heavy metal sound. Sure, it’s full-bodied, but this is a glorious slice of pop-rock, the first hint at what their upcoming album might be like. 

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Dreamcast - Blank Banshee


by Blank Banshee
album Blank Banshee 0

Blank Banshee is a Vancouver-based producer that dabbles in 90s computer screensaver aesthetics, psychedelics, and obscure chopped up samples. His mixtapes are full of sputtering percussion, weird vocal samples, and warped yet danceable sounds that some call vaporwave and others call seapunk

Whatever the hell you want to label it, Blank Banshee’s grooves are wildly addictive. If you’re into bulging bass lines colliding with shapeshifting synths and midi swipes, then keep your ear on BB’s bugged out brain food. 

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Running - The Trotskies


by The Trotskies
album The Trotskies EP

The Trotskies are a Melbourne indie five-piece comprised of very close and equally unlikely friends. Drawing from endless hours listening to 70’s and 80’s post-punk, The Trotskies spent their time forging dense, driving, and dreamy pop that could translate well live.

The Trotskies independently released their debut EP in late 2013 and have since toured the east coast, playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The group are in the process of recording five new tracks which will see them explore a darker, grittier sound. The plan is to release these later in 2014, while still focusing on playing shows around Australia.

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