Running - Films of Colour


by Films of Colour
album Running

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Films of Colour are Andy Clutterbuck (vocals), James Hatcher (guitar), Jack Allinson (bass/synths) and James Rees-Flynn(drums) who together create a sound of remarkable density that incorporates layers of synths and emotive guitars that draw comparisons to the likes of Foals, Arcade Fire, early Bloc Party, and Radiohead.

On April 16th, Films of Colour will release their new single "Running" (with b-sides), which illuminates a more emotional and immense sound from the emerging London band, as they tackle the subject of paranoia and trust in relationships over a steady stream of coruscating guitars and infectious background chants.

Films of Colour have received a tremendous amount of acclaim in the UK, but Running is a single that contains everything needed to explode on a worldwide scale, mostly due to the familiar subject and the catchy pop-rock arrangement that instantly latches on to your memory and never stops transmitting throughout the day. 

Clutterbuck and friends have definitely made something special with first time collaborating producer, YILA. It’s no wonder Simon Williams, owner of Fierce Panda Records that released Coldplay’s first EP in 1999, claims that Films of Colour is "the best band he’s signed since Radiohead and Coldplay."

Pre-order Running here.