02 Hooked - Swell Daze

02 Hooked

by Swell Daze
album Self Titled

Swell Daze is an emerging alternative rock quartet from Purcellville, Virginia that make accessible, radio ready alternative rock songs in the same vein as Eve 6, Lit, and Better Than Ezra.

Fresh out of high school, this young band stunned locals with their seasoned stage presence and abilities, which bloomed into numerous gigs, sponsorships, and licensing opportunities. "Hooked" was recently licensed by Tony Hawk for his Ride Channel on YouTube and is currently making waves on the college radio charts.

"Hooked," with its driving guitars and infectious wooo-ooohs, is a hit single that is sure to get stuck in your head. It has all the components for a rock song that will be embraced by fans of all ages and genders and screams to be placed in an EA sports video game soundtrack.

Check out their self titled debut album here.


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