Top 5 Trending Songs of the Week


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One band hold the top two spots; what a fan base! Check out this week’s trending artists.


5. The Hello People- Future Shock

The 1975 single “Future Shock” charted at 71 on the Billboard charts.

One of the most unique rock groups of the 1960s, The Hello People, was created during late 1967 in New York by producer Lou Futterman. 

The idea for creating the group stemmed from Marcel Carné’s film Children of Paradise (Les Enfants du Paradis). Etienne De Crux, the father of French mime, plays the part of Bapties’s father in the film. During the sixties De Crux taught painting to a group of musicians. Since these musicians learned to paint so quickly, De Crux reasoned that musicians could also learn mime and apply it in some new way to create a new form. The manager of the musicians De Crux taught, Lou Futterman, decided he would implement this new concept. He then put together a new group of musicians who would perform in mime makeup and do mime routines between songs, never speaking a word to the audience.

Hello People performed as Todd Rundgren’s back-up band and background vocalists on some of his early tours in the 1970s. 


4. 23:23- Tell Me Your Name

23:23 is nocturnal lo-fi from Helsinki, Finland. It sounds like vintage noise from a 50’s diner jukebox married with 90’s flannelshirt fuzz pop.


3. Gentlemen and Scholars- Got Her On the Floor

Hard-nosed rock and roll from an Evansville quintet that reek of cigarette smoke and cheap whiskey.


1 & 2. Gentlemen- Prodigal Son and The Romance of it All

Gentlemen is a rock band from Indianapolis. They say “Please,” and “Thank You.” They stand up straight. They are well-groomed. They open doors for strangers. They are punctual. But above all else, they work hard. Gentlemen consists of Chandler Lehr (My Hidden Track), Brent Schindler (Gwen Stacy), Andy Heck (Same As Sunday), and Jari Nation. This spring, they will be touring in support of their debut EP “The Romance of It All.”